Best Scrub Suits in India for Women

Best Scrub Suits in India for Women

You have landed here, which means you are looking to buy a hospital uniform for yourself. Great! Did you know there is a wide range of scrub suits for women? To help you pick the right one, we have created this post that contains the ultimate list of scrubs you can count on. But before we move on, let us first discuss why it is essential for you to wear a medical uniform.

Importance of scrub suits in the medical profession

You wear scrub suits as they act as a barrier and are helpful in maintaining hygiene. Whether you are a doctor or a nurse, you have to check with multiple patients. Medical scrubs will minimize cross-contamination. That means infection control and prevention go in tandem.

Another benefit of wearing scrub suits is that they are economically efficient. As they are made from the finest quality fabric, they don’t tear off easily. They can withstand tough and thorough cleaning processes. Always remember scrubs from reliable companies are always durable.

Scrubs are functional and fashionable. You get large pockets on tops and pants, making you carry multiple items (thermometer, pen and paper, pulse oximeter, and mobile) at once. Further, you can carry this dress for long hours as they are pretty comfortable.

By now you know why you as a medical professional wear a uniform in a hospital. Let’s jump into the range of scrubs available for you.

Best medical scrubs for female doctors and nurses

Here’s a rundown of top pieces from our brand The MedFa. The best thing is that these scrubs are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

MedFa Essential Scrubs

These scrubs come with three pockets on the top with slits on the sides. The top features a V-shape neck and you can also get the top customized with your name on it. The bottom of MedFa Essential scrubs has no side slits. They come with two pockets and have an elastic waistband.

Classic Straight Pant Scrub

The top of these types of scrubs is the same as that of the essential scrubs. The difference is in its bottom, which is styled with more pockets. Further, the bottom comes with side slits. Classic straight pant scrubs are the modern style scrub suits that are most suitable for interns and young health professionals.

Classic Jogger Pant Scrub 

Joggers scrub suits are designed for medical professionals who want the perfect blend of style and functionality without compromising on comfort. The bottom of Classic Jogger pant scrubs has tapered legs along with ribbed cuffs at the ankles. If you wish to rock a trendy look then go for this one.

These were the best scrubs for doctors in India you can choose from.

Quick tips of choosing scrub suits

Let’s now give you some handy tips that will help you in deciding the right suit for yourself.

  • Check the fabric and grab the one in which you are comfortable.
  • Pick the one with multiple pockets.
  • If your hospital has any particular colour code then you have to go with that colour. However, you can always style yourself with different types of scrub suits in that same shade.
  • Buy top quality scrubs as they are made of durable fabric.
  • Those who are a bit bulky can go for dark coloured pieces. Petite women can pick the bright coloured jogger pant scrub.

Words from The MedFa

We at The MedFa strive to bring the best in class scrub suits for women. We understand that comfort and functionality are the main concerns. So, we made sure to offer medical scrubs made from the finest fabrics. Our scrubs are available in a range of sizes and colours that will surely match your personality.

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