Best Straight Pants Scrub Suits for Men

Best Straight Pants Scrub Suits for Men

In search of the best scrub suits for men? You are at the right place. Scrubs for male doctors and nurses are all the rage. And why not? We all want to have some unique personality. Well, these medical uniforms not only boost your look but they are also functional.

There is no doubt that comfort and protection are the primary goals of the scrubs. You, as a healthcare professional have to see multiple patients. You never know what kind of pathogens and bacteria you are carrying. That is why it is always better to count on scrubs instead of wearing regular clothes on your shift.

First things first.

There is broad range of scrub suits that are available online. You might be wondering which one to go for! Let’s discuss the options for you.

Which scrub is best for doctors?

Scrubs come in variety of styles such as simple scrubs, straight pant scrub and jogger pant scrub suit. All these three types have their own features. If you want to go for such a medical dress that you can wear on a regular basis then you must opt straight pants scrubs.

Now let’s move on to another question you might be having.

Are scrub pants comfortable?

Yes, absolutely. Scrub pants are a bit loose fitting and designed by keeping you in mind. Pants are comfortable and versatile, and make you move around easily. Also, they are made of breathable fabric. So, you can rest assured that scrub pants will offer you comfort you deserve while going to and fro on your shifts.

Top 5 Best Straight Pants Scrub Suits for Men

Now, you already know that straight pants are best suited for you if you want to wear scrubs on a regular basis.

Let’s begin with discussing five medical scrubs for you.

Classic Navy Blue Straight Pant Scrub

Navy blue straight pant scrub

This one is the perfect blend of fashion with functionality. Navy blue is the colour that looks best on almost everyone. You can choose this piece if you want to keep your look elevated.

Classic Graphite Straight Pant Scrub

Graphite Straight Pant Scrub

Another unique colour, which we have brought for you is graphite. This scrub suit is for those who do not want to go too bold. Graphite scrub will add a touch of style to your persona. Also, you will stay simple yet minimalistic with this piece.

Classic Black Straight Pant Scrub

Black Straight Pant Scrub

This colour does not need any definition. You already know that this is the evergreen colour which you can rock. If you want to go bold and appear stylish at the same time, then pick black scrub suit without thinking twice.

Essential Hunter Green Scrub

Hunter Green Scrub for Men

You might have already seen your colleague wearing green scrub suit in the hospital. It is a common medical uniform colour, which is often picked by doctors or nurses. If you too like this hue then grab this one and show off yourself as a medical professional.

Essential Ceil Blue Scrub

Ceil Blue Scrub for Men

Another scrub with a dashing colour ceil blue! This scrub will make you appear cool without sacrificing on the comfort. If you prefer light colour then this ceil blue scrub suit will be the ultimate bet.

The best thing about these scrubs is that each of them are available in different sizes- S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Further, these half sleeves men's scrub suits are perfect for summer season.

Words from The MedFa

At The MedFa, we have curated the finest pieces to enhance your appearance on your job. This post contains the best scrub suits for men you can count on. No matter which one you choose, you are surely going to accentuate your look. So, buy scrubs for men online in India at best prices at The MedFa.

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